Count Your Blessings
Meditation and Prayer Beads by Victoria

Meditation And Prayer Beads

Count Your Blessings

Steamposium inquiries:
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Due to circumstances beyond my control
I will not be beading until further notice.
Orders limited to stock on hand.
I apologize for any inconvenience.

A cross-cultural option,
these bead sets are designed to encourage you
to develop your own prayer or meditation practice.

Choose symbols, colors and themes
that resonate for you, and use them to count
prayers, breaths or affirmations.

Have a look and see what 'speaks' to you.
Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate.

(Shown above: Aventurine stones with Stars.)

How They're Used

Follow the unbroken circle with your fingers and your thoughts.
Use the large bead to 'anchor' yourself and clarify your
intent to begin each session. The other beads are arranged in
four sets of nine and can correspond to aspects of personal
growth, the seasons, moon phases... It's your choice.

Say a prayer or affirmation on each bead, use them to count
breaths, or simply finger them to quiet mental 'chatter'.

Use the symbol bead between sections to re-affirm your intent or
contemplate a new aspect. After completing the full cycle,
use the large bead again to conclude your meditation.

These bead sets vary from 11" - 13" around
and are therefore meant to be held, not worn.

Each set comes in a pretty organza bag
and includes a card with suggestions for use.


$4.00 s/h up to four sets

Gift certificates are now available!

Place Your Order

For retail and wholesale orders, please e-mail

Tell me what stone/symbol combination
you would like (see following pages),
I will choose the most complementary anchor bead.
I can send a photo for your final approval,
and your beads will be on their way

PayPal and checks/money orders are accepted.

Custom orders welcome, time and stock permitting.

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